Monday, May 29, 2006

Fear Itself - Fear Itself
[Dot DLP 25942, 1969]

Hard blues/psych band Fear Itself's 1969 release of the same name, is going to be re-issued by a company in Germany soon called World In Sound. (Site contains a song from the lp)

Crawling Kingsnake/Underground River/Bow'd Up/For Suki/In My Time of Dying/ Letter/ Lazarus/Mossy Dream/Silly Gene/Born Under a Bad Sign/

Fear Itself's lead singer and slide guitar bluesmaster, Ellen McIlwaine, who's played with everybody (she is probably the only guitar player in the world who has played with Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter, Taj Mahal and Jack Bruce) has been contacted by Wolfgang Reuther, who has mastered it from a vinyl (i am sure the original no longer exists) and will put it out on cd AND lp. Ellen found some old pictures and posters and is writing a bio of how they all got started together and he is making a booklet to go with it.

Dearest husband played guitar on this album (he's on the horse on the right) so we're looking to buy a copy. Cheap. But everytime I bid on the lp when I'm able to find it, I always get outbid. Fuckers. It would be very cool to see this old record come around again....and the search continues.


Sudeaux Lux Tue May 30, 04:17:00 PM EDT  

Just a little inside on the album cover --- Ellen is holding her dead cat. Yes. Her dead cat. It's wrapped in a blanket. Picture taken in Woodstock, NY, in either Fall 1968 or Spring 1969, before the big Woodstock. Did you know it was a popular place for artists to hang out on the weekends or pitch a tent a couple of years before the famous concert was held?

Shirl Sat Jun 03, 02:55:00 PM EDT  

I did not know that, Susan! How cool to hear the back story on this cover.

Happy Saturday. SAM: black pants/socks/brown shirt. I need to get me some bib overalls.


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