Monday, February 9, 2004

I Gotcher Monday rite heah. Don't forget your patriotic duty. It can be expressed in so many ways. Skippy and Stu express their political beliefs on their weblogs below.

Blog Hit Parade
* skippy's still consistently fighting the good fight. He reports on the latest Time/CNN poll with Bush's slipping numbers.
* Next time you think you've got the job from hell, read about Stray Bullet's boot camp new job and think again.
* Stu Savory sees the US most objectively and is passionate about the injustice. "Let us think today of those mutilated by Bush's unneccessary rush into an unjustified war."
* Smells Like Team Spirit - Bush's B-Boys Replay Their Greatest Hits
* Marie at Blue Ridge Blog congratulates local legend, Doc Watson for his Lifetime Acheivement Award at the Grammys.
* Get over yourself, Justin. Of all the greats nominated at the Grammys, why in hell did we award Lame-ass Vanilla Boy? Maybe we should have one award show for the kiddies and another one for the grown-ups (with the real talent).
* Tish has great positive outlooks, but Kevin Cooper's fate is clouding it as he's scheduled for execution tonight.
* Laurie is such a good writer, and even good writers experience writer's block.
* Today Bsti asks "If you could do something that's considered socially unacceptable, what would it be?" I'm thinking, I'm thinking!

"All we need are a few gay nuptials outside the Boston convention hall and we're home free." as Maureen Dowd imagines Cheney planning Bush's assault on Kerry.
As long as we're imagining, I imagine Bush home in bed in the fetal position freaking on John Kerry's heroics when he was in the National Guard defending Texas from Oklahoma.



The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror VIII


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