The Model of Growth as the Cause of War in Plato's Republic.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

In Plato's Republic Part II it is proposed that the expansion of a city is first a result of a communities' economic needs. Second needs turn to superfluous or extraneous desires for luxurious items the necessity of which are dubious to begin with.  It is this expansion which in turn leads to further requirements for excess farm production, which in turn requires the capturing of further lands through conquest and war.

Almost 2 and a half millennia ago the formula was already known.  We see this today.  Capitalism depends on wars, which in turn allows the consumption of ever growing cities to expand.  This can be seen in British Columbia with the Site C Dam.  Why do we need the dam?  The usual reason is an expanding population.  Rather than dealing with population the root of the problem, only the symptom which is further requirements of energy are addressed, which in turn means further environmental destruction: the flooding of vast natural and farm lands to secure even more energy.

This model is ultimately a slow motion train wreck as it has been for millennia, but pushed to breakneck speed with the industrial, technological and global revolutions.


David Suzuki slams phony environmentalists: Weaver, Trudeau, the NDP and the current Neoliberal economic model.

Monday, March 5, 2018


Q: Trudeau’s called the pipelines a “trade off” for the national carbon plan. Earlier this month, he was in Nanaimo saying we can both build Kinder Morgan and hit the Paris targets.

DS: That’s such a lot of bullshit! this is just political doublespeak: ‘We’ve got to keep burning more oil, more fossil fuels, in order to meet our reduction targets.’ What are you talking about? That’s such a crock of shit!

Q: How have the B.C. Greens done?

DS: Well, it was staggering. You always hope the Greens will hold the balance of power. The Greens had their first big chance with Site C. Two weeks before the decision was coming, [Green Party leader] Andrew Weaver said they wouldn’t bring the government down over Site C. 

He wouldn’t even play politics! There’s no way the NDP would’ve wanted another election that soon. He could have taken the government right down and stopped that dam. But his highest priority was proportional representation. That comes before everything else, because he knows in the next election he’s going to get wiped out. It’ll either be a Liberal or NDP majority, so he loses all that power and wants proportional representation. Now politics comes before principle. 

So I’m really disillusioned. We have a guy who ran our climate program in the Foundation for 10 years, Gerry Scott. Gerry was a big NDP guy. When the election was coming-- Carole James was leader of the NDP-- Gerry Scott quit and went over to be an NDP advisor. 

Their big slogan was ‘Axe the Tax.’ [Former B.C. Premier] Gordon Campbell brought in a carbon tax, which is something we had been pushing for for years, and [Gerry Scott] got into politics and said, ‘Axe the Tax.' That’s politics. Principle and ideals don’t mean a goddamn thing. 

 On the economic model of endless growth:

"Because if you’re not growing you’re considered dying. But the drive for growth is a crate of cancer cells. Cancer cells believe they can grow forever. And they can’t. And it’s the same thing with our economy within the biosphere. It can’t grow forever. "

- David Suzuki 



Trudeau Shows His True Face

Friday, February 9, 2018

In this moment the facade all unravels.  Trudeau's rhetoric/propaganda about being a pro-climate feminist can be seen for what it is: a lie, as he has women dragged away for protesting his moves to increase tanker traffic off the coast of British Columbia by 7 times.  The tankers planned are to transport Alberta's tar to China.


Thursday, January 25, 2018


NDP and Greens sell out: move forward with Site C Dam Project.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

This is one of the greatest environmental catastrophes of the 21st century.  I'm not overly surprised that the NDP sold out atrociously.  The NDP are anti-environmental and non democratic.  As Rachel Notley engages on her pipeline tour, Horgan sells out atrociously on the Site C Dam project, and Jagmeet Singh relishes in the heavily financed coup he pulled on the federal NDP. 

The NDP under Layton opposed Elizabeth May's inclusion in the federal debates and even once she was elected as Canada's first Green MP and included in the debates, the NDP under Mulcair still continued to call for her to be banned from the debates.  Lose all pretenses NDP, you are not democratic and you are not Green.  You are another corrupt party of career politicians peddling political influence to lobbyists.

What is really disturbing here however is not that particularly surprising, that the NDP did the most cowardly thing possible.  It is that Andrew Weaver head of the BC Greens already sold out as well.  Weaver has shown that he is yet another in a breed of political careerists using the international Green brand to further their career.  When push comes to shove they themselves sell out to the anti-environmental winds of the day.  This is very apparent in Europe.  This is now already very apparent in Canada, where the Greens only just emerged with federal and provincial seats.  This is a shame for all history, which with the current environmental situation may actually be coming to an end.

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First thing that comes to mind?

Saturday, December 2, 2017


"Interior Department to allow imports of elephant and lion trophies from Africa, reversing Obama policies"

Thursday, November 23, 2017



The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror VIII


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