Saturday, February 7, 2004

8 Questions For George Bush
Also - The case that big media is afraid to ask: Did Bush go AWOL during his lost National Guard years? What the record shows. When I was in school, to avoid going to Vietnam, the guys either laid a liplock on the recruiter, moved to Canada for CO status (conscientious objecter), or signed up with the National Guard, weekend paintball warriors that were guaranteed no combat. In the few press conferences he's had that have not been held on patriotic packed military bases, his interviewers have all been hand-picked, assuring 'Gee-George- how-do-you- unwind-after-a-hard- day-of -presidenting' questions. Imagine my surprise when I hear he's going to be on Sunday's Meet The Press and may actually have to answer questions that haven't been well rehearsed before hand. (See what time it's on in your area.)

GOP Hypocrite Of The Week
That's kind of like the Godfather appointing Sonny, Michael and Fredo to investigate why there is organized crime in the city. According to the New York Times, Dick Cheney is picking the commission members who will look into why Americans were misled about Iraq's WMDs.

saturday morning me//
jukejoint java #2/nicotine stick #3/oj/
black velvet top/jeans/old scuffed up dingos/
hubby yakkin'/daughter shufflin'/dog fartin'/
incubus on the player/sunshine peaking out/
so how's about you?/

I feel a sin coming on.



The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror VIII


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