Thursday, November 6, 2003

Good Morning.

Keith Richards will be appearing on Whoopi Goldberg's television show. Gotta see Keith, don't we Johnny B? Phil Collins will also be on the show.

Ampcast looks great. Good live radio, video. Can't wait to investigate further. I'm always looking for some good music to listen to while I'm at the keyboard. What do you listen to? [via Ollapodrida]

In an upcoming Simpsons episode where Marge writes a novel and gets endorsements from writers playing themselves, including Tom Clancy and Thomas Pynchon, the Pynchon character is portrayed with a bag on his head, and Pynchon himself will be doing the voice. Read the whole story.

Something's got to give. I don't think anyone is comfortable with guerilla gift giving each year at Christmas. I'd like to get family together and use the gift money for a trip on Christmas weekend. Or donate to each other's favorite charity is Sister Stacy Patrick's idea. Anything's better than automatically marching off to the mall and picking up the first thing that won't piss off Aunt Sally. Do you do something unique for Christmas?

This BlogSearchEngine looks handy.

I'm drunk...I'm armed...I'm off my meds. Be gentle.



The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror VIII


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