Wednesday, November 5, 2003

The lighthearted moments were almost the highlights of the forum of the Democratic opponents last night on CNN's Rock The Vote. They answered the "PCs" or "Macs" question. And, perhaps more interesting, they answered who's smoked weed and who hasn't smoked weed. Oddly enough, all who've inhaled got major applause. Smoking pot is so much a part of the mainstream now that it's practically a non-issue.

Edwards, Dean and Kerry said they had used marijuana in the past. Sharpton, retired Gen. Wesley Clark, Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut and Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio said they had not, Kucinich adding that using the drug should be decriminalized. Former Sen. Carol Moseley Braun of Illinois declined to answer. [read transcript]

The rest of the country is beginning to see what we here in North Carolina already know. That Senator John Edwards really does have a pair. He's not afraid to stand up to big business or big politics and is really one of the few that can prove he has the working person's interest at heart by his past reputation. And is you really want to "rile" up a Southerner, just start condescending to us. We're sick of being treated like the US red-headed step-children and stereotyped into gun-toting, Confederate flag waving, Nascar rootin' tootin' buffoons. The redneck species isn't indigenous to the South. If you've traveled the US extensively as I have, you know that species is abundantly populous in every state.

And as Al Sharpeton said, (this guy speaks in terrific sound bites) any one of the candidates would fair better than George Bush. And as I watched them all onstage last night, I realized that several of them really would do well to sit at the top seat in the country.

I'm still undecided. I probably know more about John Edwards, since I'm also from North Carolina, and it wouldn't hurt my feelings if he were our Democratic nominee. He doesn't have much experience in politics and that may be a big plus.

I've tried to like Howard Dean, but can't stop thinking, "Physician, heal thyself of thy arrogance." Dennis Kucinich also is a good possibility, but two words for ya, Dennis-- "Don't Yell!" and Gephardt is somewhat appealing. John Kerry is almost reminiscent of Clinton with all his charm but went Ted Nugent on us all. And when he speaks, I want to say "Bullshit", "Bullshit". Wes Clark could better serve us all in Don Rumsfeld job, but I still want to hear more from him. Carol Mosely Braun, although quite articulate, could use a firecracker under her ass. Lieberman - too out of touch; lives in a bubble. Al Sharpeton - let's just make him ambassador to France.



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