Friday, January 17, 2003

Good Morning
Five chartered buses will leave Asheville, {North Carolina} tonight, bound for the nation's capital. Even as sailors ship out, protesters are packing Washington-bound buses and organizing local marches and vigils from Tampa, FL, to San Francisco. A national peace rally planned for Saturday near the Capitol is expected to draw thousands who oppose war in Iraq. "We have all kinds of regular people going," said Jim Brown of the WNC Peace Coalition. "They're all saying the same thing. They don't understand the double standard of going to war with Iraq, but not with North Korea, or with those countries where the 9-11 terrorists came from." Live satellite feed for Jan 18 demonstration can be found here. More DC rally info here.

From The Rolling Stones Dept
A woman shows up at the arena for the Stones show Sunday night. She's carrying a Baggie. Turns out that in the Baggie is not what you usually bring to a Stones concert in a Baggie. It's the remains of her late hubby. A HUGE Stones fan. There's more... Also, the Stones' HBO concert special premieres Saturday at 9 p.m. EST.

Need a ride?

Best days to castrate your farm animal? Best days to cut your hair, quit smoking? Consult the Farmer's Almanac online. [link seen at Shirl's.]

*Dylan has a new song being premeired on AOL today. "Cross The Green Mountain", from the upcoming movie, "Gods and Generals". The soundtrack is due Feb 4, while the film hits theaters Feb 21. You can pre-order on Amazon. Or someone's surely got it by now if you check KaZaA, or the other music downloads.

Snow Day! For kids in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia; who else? The local tv weatherman just reminded us that it's going to be another 3-dog night tonight.

Quotes Of The Day
“In a perfect world, the schools would have all the money they need and the government would have to hold bake sales to raise money for missiles.”

"The snow doesn't give a soft white damn whom it touches."
~e e cummings

[just kidding] Haiku
If you have found this
By Google search "ass tulips"
Feel free to write me




The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror VIII


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