A New Year's Resolution for Lisa Helps.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Victoria's Mayor Lisa Helps recently had a gathering to discuss people's New Years Resolutions.  The slogan was "Be the Change" and many of these resolutions involved people taking personal actions in their lives to mitigate people's damage to the environment.

Here's a resolution for you Mayor Helps:  Halt Development.  Under your mayoralty, a profusion of skyscrapers has filled Victoria's skyline, making it look less like the 'garden city' as it was known and more like your typical characterless overcrowded metropolis.  This has increased densification, led to more vehicles on the road and to traffic jammed streets filled with cars idling unnecessarily, more pollution and less room for green spaces.

It is grossly hypocritical to pretend that the mayor's office cares about the environment, when it is doing everything it can to pave it in the interests of Real Estate, Developers, Speculators and Banks.

End the charade Mayor Helps and put your own actions where your mouth is.



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