Antonio Juez, an Artist Undeserving of Obscurity

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Antonio Juez was a Spanish artist, whose works show an influence of Art Nouveau and Classical themes, yet the art of Juez goes beyond its influences, and now seems almost out of place for the period he lived in.  His ideas often transcend the society and conventions that he was surrounded by.  His works are sometimes deeply haunting, but most are colourful and playful.

Juez, a homosexual, was certainly out of place in Franco's fascist Spain.  Unlike Dali whose surrealist works would flourish in the environment, Juez would have to flee to Central America and undeservedly remains in relative obscurity.  Yet his artworks (mostly confined to a single art gallery in Badajoz, Spain) deserve much wider attention.  A google search will yield very few of his works, especially some of his most interesting and darker works.

The influence of Central America would become a major source of inspiration in his art.  The fusion of influences from different worlds, seem to fit together seamlessly, from some perhaps psychedelic hints in the line of Frida Kahlo and almost Caribbean colours, to western classicism, surrealism, the orient and eroticism.  Their wonderful mix find themselves perfectly in the art of Antonio Juez.



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