Golden Animals

Monday, November 16, 2009

Golden Animals' life, look and sound is as organic as it is glam, the kind of effortless beauty that can only have a tune-in, turn-on, drop-out story behind it and, these days, nothing but the stars above it.

When Tommy Eisner met Linda Beecroft in Brooklyn three years ago, he was studying oil painting at Cooper Union and she was a Swedish model in town for a job from Paris. Soon they became each other's world-pond-hopping between Paris and New York, Eisner writing songs on acoustic guitar and Beecroft learning drums -- and realized they wanted to leave New York.

"We were living in a basement apartment in Brooklyn and we were just like 'What are we doing here?'"says Eisner. On the eve of their planned trip west, Charles Slomovitz of HappyParts Recordings offered them a record deal in Cali, and the rest is free-living history. via
"...all the while we were working on this new album, we felt very free, society felt (and was) very far away. We made a record and called it 'Free Your Mind and Win a Pony.'" via

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I like their free and easy music style. They compliment each other with their light hearted melodies and harmonies without being too catchy or hook-driven.


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This is a magnificent site. thank you for it.



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