Saturday, May 23, 2009

(My last post on) Antichrist

Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem Dafoe in Lars von Trier's "Antichrist," Zentropa, 2009

Five minutes after it ended (at Cannes), the first screening of Lars von Trier's new, outrageous "Antichrist" was already a thing of legend.

Journalists wobbled away ecstatic, furious, amused, bewildered or physically ill, and at a press conference the next day, the Danish provocateur proclaimed "I am the best film director in the world."

Is von Trier's new yardstick to measure success the barf factor? Or by how many people walked out?

A sample of some critic's reactions from Patrick Walker's piece in

* Entertainment Weekly's Lisa Schwarzbaum: "Blood spurts, bones are broken, genitals are mutilated. Hellooo? Are you still with me?"

* Time Out New York's Stephen Garrett: "I personally had a ball. [It's] gonzo drama at its most feral."

* Variety's Todd McCarthy: "Von Trier cuts a big fat art-film fart with 'Antichrist.' Traveling deep into NC-17 territory, this may prove a great date movie for pain-is-pleasure couples. Otherwise, most of the director's usual fans will find this outing risible, off-putting or both."


Sister Wolf Sat May 30, 03:41:00 AM EDT  

Fuck Lars, I resent this film for existing.


The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror VIII


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