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In May 2004, Italian sculptor Maurizio Cattelan hung three plastic "children" from the ancient oak in Piazza XXIV Maggio, Milan's oldest tree. The exhibit was expected to remain on the square for a month but Franco Di Benedetto, a Milanese man, was so horrified by the installation that he tried to "liberate" the dolls. He took a ladder, climbed up the tree, cut through two of the ropes with a hacksaw but fell to the ground while trying to free the third dummy. He was eventually fined and sentenced to 2 months in jail, later dropped. Link

Would you call this art? I'd fight for his right to call it art if it's his/her vision but I personally wouldn't be fulfilled creatively if I had made the hanging dolls. I do find this odd and quirky expression of art uplifting in my own strange way. Some say art is no rules, only chaos.

Stoneth's Poverty series on Flickr is very powerful and thought-provoking. Lots of street people and the homeless in downtown San Francisco are given a voice through him. Nicely done. Link

What is it exactly that listeners find so compelling about a couple of left-leaning college dropouts from Aiken, S.C. who smoke a lot of pot and have no background in radio internet technology or, for that matter, comedy? Link

Brought to you today by the letter "F". Studies reveal we read web pages in an f-shaped pattern. Interesting read with graphics. Link

Mark Dery giving a talk this Friday and among other things, he'll speak about the popularity of post mortem Victorian photographs on eBay. Can anyone please tell me who really wants to see-- let alone buy -- a picture of someone's dearly departed child in a coffin? Gruesome doesn't even cover it. Or I'm just not strong enough for it. Link

Enjoy Jilly's collages, fabric art, embellished books and more. I bet she has fun making this stuff. It's just so joyful and lively.


Anonymous Wed Apr 19, 04:32:00 PM EDT  

Can anyone please tell me who really wants to see-- let alone buy-- a picture of a child in a coffin?

Based only on the handful of memento mori photography I've seen, there's no coffins involved. Especially with the pictures of children, they look exactly like a live child would. They're posed, they're dressed, it's not as gruesome as you might think. They really don't look dead, which is a little creepy in its own way.

Anonymous Thu Apr 20, 12:25:00 AM EDT  

Re F pattern reading: So Nielsen say we read web pages looking for an F?

And what about the U, the C and the K ;-) ?

PS: Susan, if you think Memento Mori are weird,
read my post about the ossuary at Kutna Hora ;-)

Anonymous Thu Apr 20, 03:48:00 AM EDT  

I'm a bit behind on this whole podcasting bit. In fact I've never seen one. Truth is I'm anti-iPod and anything related, but it now appears as if I'm missing out.

I could have fun doing this from this nutty country I now call home. I've actually played with thoughts of doing things with all the anorexic chicks who want to be seen as, thanks to that church report, I see it's possible.

Thanks :)

PS my last entry before today SUCKED - I saw referalls from here and cringed. I was very, very sick and had no business writing. I need to clarify that.

I have really missed your blog -- one of the very best there is.


Sudeaux Lux Thu Apr 20, 02:02:00 PM EDT  

KarenM: Perhaps I'm more bothered since I'm still in grief mode over the passing of my sister last Thanksgiving morning. But it's a big old world and if someone wants to post their post mortem pics, I say wear it out.

Stu: No, silly. He found that we read in that type of pattern-- he doesn't suggest that we should. May help when designing our website. But you're just jerking my chain, arncha? Coming over to see that post...

Brenda: So good to hear from you! I know what you mean about podcasts and being leary about something that's so popular, especially with the square johns. But you have a voice and many like what you have to say so podcasting may just be the thing for you. Didn't you use to be a dj in LA? Be a podcasting dj-ing mofo! (Your last comment? Not a problem)

Anonymous Fri Apr 21, 05:10:00 PM EDT  

New hardcore french writer:

"Idéologiquement Cash/Chiotte

L'aplat de niaiseries répandu sur le texte a empêché de dévoiler la puissance colérique des propos en général. Une sorte de philosophie en parfaite adéquation avec l'époque. Ni avant-garde, ni conservatisme."

La suite sur


The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror VIII


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