Wednesday, March 22, 2006

FBI agent: Bush's FBI and Justice Dept refused to take Moussaoui seriously pre-9/11

by John in DC - 3/20/2006 07:33:00 PM

This is possibly the biggest untold, or at least not yet fully tapped, story in Washington. The Bush administration had one of the September 11 terrorists in their hands, before September 11, and refused to listen to local FBI agents' warnings that this guy was planning something big.

In the four weeks leading up to September 11, the Bush administration refused to listen to their own agents' warnings that Moussaoui was up to something big.

Bush could have stopped September 11 with this information, yet his administration simply let it go, and 3,000 Americans died.

Bush likes to cite September 11. Fine, lets cite September 11.

He had the power to stop it, and didn't. He had one of the hijackers in his custody, and ignored him.

Imagine what the response would be from the mainstream media and from the Republicans had Bill Clinton done nothing while possessing the key to an imminent attack that would take down the World Trade Center and kill 3,000 Americans?




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