Friday, April 8, 2005

This Aries New Moon
in Aries
April 8, 2005
1:32pm PDT, Friday
19º 06'- Hybrid Eclipse
2:20pm PDT (maximum)
19º 33'
On April 8th in North America crescent-shaped sunbeams will dapple the ground during a partial solar eclipse. See graphics here. In the middle of the day, darkness falls. Birds stop singing. The sun's corona pops out and shimmers across the sky. For two strangely-silent minutes, while the moon completely covers the sun, you're spellbound inside the moon's cool shadow. Then, suddenly, reluctantly, you're free again--free for the rest of your life to jet around the world trying to catch another total eclipse.

Total eclipses are serious business. Partial eclipses, on the other hand, are just plain fun.

Get ready for fun. On Friday afternoon, April 8th, people in southern parts of the USA, all of Mexico and much of South America will experience a partial eclipse.

If your life is in upheaval, this is the best New Moon to set your intention and make change happen your way. This New Moon in Aries is the right time to create a ritual for getting exactly what you want, no matter how hard the solution, no matter the amount of despair and hopelessness. Renewal is a matter of changing our perspective to include the magical and imaginative realms of possibility; especially with both Mercury and Venus in Aries. Dive back into that childlike world where if it can be thought, it can be made to happen. Aries says, "I can!" with a level of faith that only an innocent child who has not yet failed can muster. Your heart and mind needs to be in the place of "let's go," or "I can do anything," or "I can be anyone," or "the world is my oyster," or "life is an adventure!" when you do your New Moon in Aries ritual. This is a New Moon that asks us to take a leap of faith and do the impossible. This a New Moon to come at who you are with a sense of wonder, magic and first-time awe. Go find out who you are and what you want; you might just be surprised.

Happy Friday!



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