Wednesday, January 5, 2005

New Angels in Rock Heaven
For connoisseurs of rock death, 2004 was a pretty bum vintage. That's not to say that nobody notable died -- after all, this was the year we lost Ray Charles. But for aesthetes of the grand rock demise, 2004 lacked the ludicrously romantic death of a wounded young romantic -- à la Jeff Buckley's fatal embrace of the Father of Waters, say, or the inconsolable Elliott Smith's forlorn self-gutting. Borrowing from Greil Marcus Rock Death Meter, here's a new version.

Many years ago, Marcus started scoring rock deaths on three criteria: past contribution (PC), potential future contribution (PFC) and manner of death (MOD). By my estimation, last year's winner was Elliott Smith, who scored an impressive 25 out of 30. Could anyone top that this year?

Johnny Ramone, 56, prostate cancer. Right-wing guitarist and founding member of the Ramones. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee.
PC: 8, PFC: 1, MOD: 1. Total: 10.

Valfar, 25, froze to death while hiking through a snowstorm to family's rustic cabin. Singer in Norwegian death-metal band Windir.
PC: 1, PFC: 1, MOD: 10*. Total: 12.
*Extra point for having recorded an unintentionally prophetic song called "Journey to the End."

Mac Dre, 34, shot by AK-47-wielding assailant while driving down Kansas City freeway. Hip-hop MC; Northern California legend.
PC: 4, PFC: 6, MOD: 2*. Total: 12.
*Style point for getting shot by glamorous weapon.

John Peel, 65, heart attack. Legendary BBC DJ. First to spin U2, Roxy Music, the Smiths, the Fall, Rod Stewart, Blur and the Sex Pistols.
PC: 7, PFC: 5, MOD: 1. Total: 13.

Ray Charles, 73, liver disease. One of the greatest American musicians ever.
PC: 11*, PFC: 2, MOD: 1. Total: 14.
*Very few careers go to 11. Brother Ray's was one.

Dave Blood, 46, suicide -- pill overdose. Bassist in the Dead Milkmen, punk band of "Bitchin' Camaro" and "Punk Rock Girl" infamy.
PC: 5, PFC: 2, MOD: 7. Total: 14.



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