Recent conversation with a Green MLA

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Recently I had a conversation with a Green MLA. I asked why the Greens will not call no-confidence vote on the NDP.

They asked over what specifically?

I mentioned the Site C Dam Expansion Project and the recent 40 billion dollar LNG deal, the likes of which their leader Andrew Weaver had already said was a line in the sand, but as usual did nothing about it when yet another Rubicon was crossed.

What followed was exactly as expected.

Spin and deflection.

Their response was:
Yes we just allowed them to get away with a 40 billion dollar LNG deal and the Site C Dam, but we are working hard to create a climate plan for BC.

I pointed out numerous times that such a climate plan cannot and will not be accomplished with multi billion dollar LNG deals.

They essentially conceded that.

I explained that at the end of the day rules and plans mean nothing in modern politics.
It's what they do that counts. Take the example the Trudeau government. They signed the Paris Climate Accord and then almost immediately violated the plan they signed to the point of openly buying an almost 10 billion dollar pipeline to ship tar overseas.

Again they recognized this as well.

Then they turned; 'but at least we are helping to build schools, housing developments, helping the indigenous and reducing poverty. Only after creating an equal society can we benefit the environment.'

100% colonial condescension of course.

I mentioned that Horgan in order to justify the 40 billion dollar deal justified it on television hardly keeping a straight face, by saying that they will build a school in his riding with the money and help countries develop by selling them the fuel. His rhetoric being actually quite close to that of the Greens.

I also pointed out that communist regimes which set out for systems of social equality devastated the environment and still are devastating it. I can't see how throwing a few hand outs is going to change the fact that the Greens are selling out the environment. When I voted Green, it was because I'm more concerned with vanishing species than the alleged plight of humanity, a species which is hardly in danger of extinction in comparison.

They noted that humanity is indeed in threat of extinction.

I said yes from humanity itself allowing massive environmental destruction like the Green-NDP coalition.

They asked what would you suggest that we do? I said: you hold the balance of power, call a no-confidence vote on the NDP that have continued to violate your confidence.

Their most common tactic was to ask what will happen if we cause another election?

My response: Anything could happen
You could even increase your seat count.

They basically wrote this off as a possibility.

I said that's the problem you are caring about seat counts like true politicians and not using your balance of power to actually enforce your stated positions on the environment.

They grasp that basically to succeed in this system one has to be political/pragmatic in other words to conform to the paradigm.

In essence if you succeed in this system, you forego your principles

So once again they asked, what would we do if we had an election and lost our gains?

My response to them was: If you get hammered in the election, then at least you can go down in history as politicians with integrity.

They responded that their integrity is on their own conscience and it is up to them whether they should sleep well at night.

They offered their hand. I shook it and said: Good luck fighting Horgan.
Of course implying that I knew full well that they would never have the backbone to stand up for their own stated principles.
and that was the end of the conversation.



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