Orwellian word of the week: 'Densification.'

Sunday, September 30, 2018

In Victoria, the Greens, left leaning politicians and right leaning politicians have come together with Real Estate developers to develop a nice Orwellian slogan.  'The need for densification.'

According to the theory at least densification leads to lower carbon output, lowers home prices and even more theoretically releases the burden on the surrounding environment by having less single dwelling homes in the suburbs.

The theory of course completely ignores the elephant in the room, that defeats all of these and in fact utilizes this failed theory to cause even more destruction. 

The elephant of course is continuing increase in population, which in fact none of these politicians are willing to deal with or even discuss.  Higher population means higher carbon output, higher home prices and increases the burden on the surrounding environment by the sale of homes in the suburbs to non citizens.

Once again the modern politician shows lack of integrity, dishonesty and although I actually doubt it foolishness in the sense that these Machiavellians know full well that they are just in it for the money and power and don't really care about the issues they claim to care about, yet institute policies that are even more damaging in these regards.



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