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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Driving back from errands I notice how the neighborhoods all resemble that song, Little Boxes, from Showtime's WEEDS. But I've thought that way for decades now. WEEDS was a tv show that ran about 9 seasons in the US; now on Netflix about a family that sold weed for a living. (Click for Lyrics)

That song keeps playing over in my head as I see professional consumers marching out to add more to their professional spending habit and, I gotta go longhand, what the fuck is it with all the white cars now?

Everyone without the ability to have an original thought, or to refrain from going into massive debt-- please board that lemming train if you can still find a seat. You won't see Nancy Botwin (WEEDS) on that train.

We will tell you when to show up, what to wear, what to eat, what to buy, how to act. As long as we are extracting money from you, it's good for the cuntry.

FFS, do YOU! You don't have to sell weed for a living but be yourself. You will still be normal, you will still fit in, you will still be loved when you learn to free yourself from debt and your perpetual buying habits and just be original. Resist the urge to follow the masses. You look weak and I shake my head inside when I see you.

I was in my early 30s and it made such a difference in my life to realize that I could finally stop working two full time jobs that I always worked so I could buy more stuff so I was a slave to my jobs just for stuff I wanted-- wanted, not needed. I spent so much time just trying to acquire shit.  One job only paid for a cocaine habit basically. What a stupid merry-go-round.

I learned how to enjoy life with what I needed, not always what I wanted. I had to.  Can we say, everything came to a screeching halt and just leave it at that?  And the way it frees you up inside is blissful; you just can't imagine.  Don't you want to get off that crazy ride?  It's challenging when you're were raised up being spoiled rotten. Lots of you know exactly what I mean.  Getting your first car at 15, freely using all Daddy's credit cards at 13 or just telling the any clerk to send Daddy the bill anytime I wanted to.Ch-ching!  What an absolute asshole I must have been. 

The lady that wrote Little Boxes, Malvina Reynolds? She recorded it in 1961. She earned her BA and her MA in English from Berkeley, and later earned a doctorate there, finishing her dissertation in 1938. I think she passed away in 1972 or so.

I admire you and I salute you, Malvina Reynolds for all your songwriting and your music.


Sudeaux Lux Wed Dec 04, 11:30:00 AM EST  

I'm must be still channeling Wm Faulkner.

Karen Wed Dec 04, 08:32:00 PM EST  

I still have some work to do on the acquiring material things like DVDs and other things but I'm starting to see the light. I'm so proud of you for overcoming all you have in your life. You are truly an inspiration, just as Dr. Reynolds. Thank you for sharing her some of her story. I always feel better after stopping in here.

Sudeaux Lux Fri Dec 06, 07:09:00 PM EST  

It all starts with being open to new and different ideas. Whether it works for someone or not, it may only be a message to understand others better.

I kept hearing over and over in my head, do I need it, or do I just want it?

Tx for always bringing the light, K.

MJ Tue Feb 18, 01:05:00 PM EST  

This is a great post, and full of truth. We used to live in the suburbs, in a cookie-cutter house, with block parties, home owners associations, country clubs, and everyone trying to outdo one another on who's house had the best lawn, the best car, the best everything. It was awful. We didn't fit in, and we knew it. We didn't care to know what the neighbors did for a living or what car they drove. We were tired of them popping over with feigned gifts of friendship (offering banana bread so that we would invite them in so they could ask us 20 questions about our life… where we worked, what school our children attended, etc.)

We just wanted to live in a good area, because that's what society deems the "good area".. the suburbs. The thing is, we weren't happy in that phony nonsense. So, 10 years ago we sold our house in the suburbs, and bought an historic home in a wooded area. It was quite a change. The first thing we did was sell our ridiculous gas guzzling cars, and dropped to just one car instead of two. We didn't have a home owner's association to worry about or any block parties to avoid going to. Our neighbors are friendly, but we only see them in passing with a friendly wave on our walks down into town. It is such a wonderful difference in lifestyle. No one cares what you do for a living or needs to have a ridiculous "My kid is an honor student" bumper sticker on their car. People here walk downtown to the art shows and museums, and listen to sidewalk musicians. This is the life we always wanted, and we got it by giving up the ridiculous life that society made us believe we needed.

Thank you for this post, because I know you get it. You know that there are more important things in life than keeping up with the Joneses. Life is about enjoying things and being happy. Not killing yourself to fit in.

Sudeaux Lux Tue Feb 25, 03:22:00 PM EST  

Michelle, I'm so glad you shared your story.

People like you that "get it" have SOUL. These people are warm, wise, peaceful and compassionate. They step out in faith (not necessarily the religious faith) and know that the Universe's karma will always be their friend.


MJ Mon Mar 10, 07:36:00 PM EDT  

Thank you so much Sudeaux Lux. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond and say that.


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