Do your best YOU and freaking own it

Thursday, June 30, 2011

March to the beat of your own drummer, folks. Don't be a lemming and follow the crowd so strictly. Do your best YOU and freaking own it. It shows you're truly an original. That you have a backbone and you have a voice that doesn't say, "Yep... I'm an original. Just like all the rest."

Advice to some of the middle aged ladies out there: Feathers in your hair? Been there; done that. *30 years ago*. The outrageous ad infinitum fad jumped the shark when we saw Granny sporting a $30 rooster feather that costs $3.00 at the bait and tackle shop.

Usually what these people detest nowadays, they will embrace in 20 - 30 years. So wear your favorite things NOW. Develop your personality the way that's most comfortable for you.

Don't change for everyone else and ask for everyone's advice. If you've always liked your style or that hairstyle that some say looks outdated or say that the color isn't right for someone your age, or anything to derail your best YOU... thank them for their advice and explain that you'd rather go for what makes you feel best.


I was compelled to hold forth today on something I wish the global community could work on a little more. We'd ALL be happier.


Anonymous Mon Aug 15, 09:48:00 PM EDT  

YA! LOVE IT! :D Do your best YOU and OWN IT!!!!! Thanks.


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