Warhol: Sticky Fingers

Friday, November 21, 2008

Warhol: Sticky Fingers

Auction for one of Andy Warhol Sticky Fingers: The Rolling Stones. It's signed and is expected to fetch $2,500 - $3,500. That's not an outrageous price and I'd really like, uh, to have it. Anybody?

Seller's Description:
Most outrageous of all the Rolling Stones albums, signed by Warhol with his infamous photograph of a crotch shot and a real metal zipper. IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. At first, several department store chains refused to display the album because of the model's rather snug jeans. "If you stand back from that cover," says album designer Craig Braun, "you can actually see the guy's dick. I used to kid Andy: 'I know you had that guy playing with his dick before you shot the picture!'"


Damn, I have this someplace at my family's home. Currently the only Stones album I can locate there is High Tide and Green Grass (with Brian Jones standing in front of the line of the guys).


Sister Wolf Tue Nov 25, 01:32:00 AM EST  

This will teach me to give all my LP's away.


The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror VIII


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