Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Close Call

Greenpeace's Esperanza sent out this inflatable boat and blocked the whaling ships which led to delaying of their fueling. Although they can't stop the killing of the whales yet, they sure won't be making it easy for them to continue their slaughters.

At least no whales have been killed in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary since the Esperanza came across the whaling fleet on January 12th - that's 11 days, counting this evening.

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You can also follow the Great Whale Trail - migration of humpback whales from the warm tropical waters of the South Pacific, where they breed, to the icy Southern Ocean around Antarctica, where they feed.

The whales are heading to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, which should be a safe haven for them. Unfortunately, whaling still continues there.

UPDATED: Sea Shepherd Critical of Greenpeace Failure to Stop Re-fueling
"Greenpeace had the opportunity to prevent the refueling. They were there and they allowed the refueling to proceed," said Captain Paul Watson. "That is unforgivable."


gbreez Thu Jan 31, 02:51:00 PM EST  

Greenpeace is awesome. Such courage. To go out in that freezing weather in that flimsy "boat" on such very cold water takes courage the like of which we seldom see today. I believe that these folks are heroes and that they are owed an enormous debt of thanks by the world for the earth-saving measures they take.


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