Mansinthe: New Brand of Absinthe

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Marilyn Manson's New Brand of Absinthe

Marylin Manson not only drinks absinthe, but he will also launch his own Absinthe brand. His brand, Mansinthe will be produced in Switzerland, and unlikely available in North America.

This is going to be a mighty fine drink. Distilled from fine herbs (grand wormwood, fennel, anise etc), naturally colored without any artificials and not sugared this will please Absintheures and Manson fans. Their protagonist loves it and took a major part developing this true Absinthe.

Available August 2007

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gbreez Fri Jul 27, 11:32:00 PM EDT  

Love Absinthe, though I have not had but a taste of it. I think I love the idea of it. Am growing wormwood and other herbs to macerate but need to build a still. Probably a pipe dream, but, you never know.

Not the Damned Carolina Senator Tue Jul 31, 03:55:00 AM EDT  

gbreez and EasyBakeCoven: It is well-documented that Absynthe is toxic to the human body, especially the brain, and is highly addictive ("Scientific American" did an article on this about 10 years ago.) Did you know that a form of Absynthe is commercially available as a muscle linament? Here is what you are drinking: Absorbine! There are stronger versions marketed as horse linament if you need to totally screw yourself quickly. Have fun whacking your brains, IDIOTS! Just please make sure you take yourselves out of the gene pool before adding any more dysfunctional children to it, so good kids won't have to be exposed to your suicidal ideas.


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