Monday, July 23, 2007


"Festival Wear" these days must be an ass kicking money maker. While we were still twisting one up behind the main stage, evidentially someone was planning a whole line of festival wear for us festival lovers. The whole big bonanza superfest scene has become a tad bit crass where once it was almost pure-- in a non-virginal way, but pure of music and with the purest of intent.

Wasn't part of the whole festival concept in the beginning to share, trade, and barter? (I'll trade you my embroidered vest for your pipe) The music and the love was the fucking thing! Everything else was incidental. Extremely low maintenance. I know that clothes weren't very important, if you even wore them at all.

Websites and catalogs are now devoted to festival clothing, hats and other accessories specifically for the festivals and beyond. There's even a Burning Man Clothing Swap August 5. Illuminated clothes are fun. You may see a window display of "wellies" proclaiming "hip festival fashion" for any well respected festival goer. (Thanks, Deborah)

Lotus Moon, who is about as ethical as a company can be, has a trademark on those "Pixie Pockets" and Heretika has some similar pixie belts you may also see at gatherings. I'll cop to getting one for my sweet husband once but it was gifted to me. You can't fault a business for answering the call of what the market wants.

It's always about change. Burning Man is (some would say has been) going corporate. America's biggest counterculture jamboree is also a $10 million business. Now, Business 2.0 reports, it's trying to leverage its brand -- and save the planet -- by (gasp!) inviting corporate participants.

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So, is change good when it's profitable? Does money fuck everything up? Will Lassie find Timmy in the well?


gbreez Fri Jul 27, 11:13:00 PM EDT  

Well, I know nothing of BM going corporate but I know what I go to it for, what my friends go for, and what most everyone I've ever met there goes for...and, it is the freedom. The love, the fun, the learning, the sharing of ideas, the sharing of tequila, and the freedom to be who you are, wearing whatever you choose to wear or not wear. Not being terribly creative, I will take my thinnest, light coloured and white tank tops, shorts, dresses, maybe make something costumey out of scraps,look for freebies or stuff to trade, take plenty of suntan lotion for when I wear nothing, and plan to get body painted just for the fun of it. Going to Burning Man is like going to a very hot,crazy heaven for one week and I wait for it all year long.


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