Ethics Crusade

Friday, April 13, 2007

We're riding a big ol' bus to the Ethics Crusade. It's tried to gather steam before but eventually petered out. It later got a bump in popularity when Janet Jackson accidentally bared her breast on worldwide television and the family values people wanted everyone involved punished severely.

The Don Imus controversy has so many layers. People are talking about it everywhere you go; you can't escape it by turning off your television. You hear it at the doctor's office, at work, in the market. It's Free Speech vs racist comments on tv and radio. There appears to be an audience for his misogynistic and racist remarks, but does that mean he should keep broadcasting because of Free Speech in our country?

The squeaky wheel always gets the grease. Big business is listening and fretting over profits so they bow to the pressure. Any disgusting slip of the tongue (or breast) is cause for the moral police to protest and boycott.

Will someone be making a list of targets for them to go after next? I like that they have to power to affect change but while they police the people of this nation, couldn't they use this kind of fire and motivation towards ending the war in Iraq?



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