DC Madam & Her List

Monday, April 30, 2007

Deborah Jeane Palfrey, 50, dubbed the 'DC Madam' in local media, has been arraigned in federal court on charges of operating a Washington prostitution service.

I think she's hoping some of her johns clients will step up to the media scrutiny to be a character witness for her and if that doesn't happen, someone will be forced to post the entire client list. Dream on, girlie. But stranger things have happened.

What is that old saying when you sacrifice yourself for others? You "Throw yourself on the, um, sword"?

Exclusive Report from Brian Ross @ ABC - link


Theo Mon Apr 30, 08:59:00 PM EDT  

wonder of wonders. there are SO many things i could say here. i just can't settle on one.

btw, drop by and tell me. am i a redneck?

Stu Savory Tue May 01, 12:32:00 AM EDT  

If no johns(sic!) step up to help her, is it because they have no balls?

Going rate for DC I'd say ;-)

Susan Tue May 01, 11:43:00 AM EDT  

Completely ball-less! Good one.

I knew my bright friends would appreciate this pitch I sent over the plate.


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