Saturday, April 29, 2006


Moonflowers & Morning Glories

I've dabbled in gardening during my life, but this year I've gone full tilt (boogie) in the flower garden. I'm almost at the phase where you can sit down in your garden and say your first, "ahhhhhhh".

Next phase is designing and implementing the flowers for the archway and surrounding area. Almost ready to move to the soil at the base of the archway outside are Morning Glories and Moonflowers.

I'd never seen Moonflowers before but had heard about people using them to get high; same for the Morning Glories. No thanks. Last year was the first time I'd ever seen Moonflowers blooming and they're the size of a saucer and open up each evening after the sun's gone done.

Lunar Gardening looks interesting. I need all the tips I can get since I'm growing on the natch.

Moonflowers - Picture I Found


Anonymous Tue Apr 25, 01:04:00 PM EDT  

Shee-it. I forgot to turn on the comments for this post last night.

Anonymous Tue Apr 25, 01:06:00 PM EDT  

For an organic veggie grower who enjoys a tab everynow and then. Morninglory causes some major cognitive dissonance...

Karen Tue Apr 25, 05:00:00 PM EDT  

The are beautiful!! I haven't heard of or seen them before. Morning glories are considered weeds here but I don't know why, they're pretty. Perhaps that would be one thing I could grow - a weed. LOL

I hope you're having a great week! *HUGS*

Shirl Wed Apr 26, 09:28:00 PM EDT  

What a gorgeous garden you are creating Susan. I think the moonflowers would be awesome.

(and I'm glad the comments are back on *smile*)

Sudeaux Lux Thu Apr 27, 02:15:00 PM EDT  

The very sweet Gaigal
has the most beautiful picture on her website of her Moonflowers last year. So pretty. Go see!

Shirl: Thank you, dear Shirl. I'm just carrying on the tradition that Robin left behind. Moonflowers were her favorite.

Hello, Ms Karen. Yeah, morning glories are somewhat lowly creatures here, too, but they're easy to grow and make good climbers for the arches. They'll bloom in the day, the moonflowers in the evening! That's the plan anyway.

Ok, party people...I need to make the time and visit with you ALL. I've been a slacker. Who wants to spank me?

mygothlaundry Sun Apr 30, 07:06:00 PM EDT  

Morning glories are invasive as all get out, that's the problem. They're gorgeous,yes, but once they get a foothold in your vegetable garden you'll be pulling them out for YEARS. Like I am.

Moonflowers, now, they won't invade, but they're harder to grow. I finally had to go with seedlings; I couldn't get them to start from seed outdoors.

Anonymous Mon May 01, 04:40:00 PM EDT  

"They're gorgeous,yes, but once they get a foothold in your vegetable garden you'll be pulling them out for YEARS. Like I am."

Ditto, they can be a real headache.

Sudeaux Lux Mon May 01, 05:27:00 PM EDT  

Mygothlaundry & S: I'm putting the morning glories and the moonflowers on a 6 foot tall archway. I want them to climb from the base on one side, across the top and down to the base on the other. Ideally. So I'm hoping they do grow like a mofo. Thanks for suggesting I don't turn them loose anywhere else.

I have some gorgeous irises -- two toned purples, and I noticed today that the wild morning glories are twisted perfectly around the whole stem up to the bloom of 3 of them. grrrrr

Anyone have anything beautiful coming up in their garden/yard?


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