Thursday, October 10, 2002

Sex With A Twist?

Australian scientists believe they have rediscovered an effective use for lemon juice -- as a contraceptive and also a killer of the AIDS virus.

Reproductive physiologist Roger Short, from the University of Melbourne's obstetrics department, said a few drops of lemon juice can be a cheap, easy-to-use solution to protect women from both HIV and pregnancy.

The juice should be squeezed onto a piece of sponge or cotton wool and placed into the vagina before sex, he said.

The 'easy bake coven' is going to take the high road today and make no further comments. [But I sure do have a sore tongue from biting it too hard...!]

Star Gazing In Asheville

The hottest new hobby in town is stargazing, as in looking for Robert Redford and Willem Dafoe, who are in Asheville shooting the movie thriller "The Clearing."

Last Thursday night, the legendary Redford dined outdoors at the popular Cafe on the Square on Pack Square, where he enjoyed the special, mahi-mahi, said restaurant owner Tracy Adler. It was his second time at the cafe. Pack Square is where most protests and people watching are found, too.

"...people were very kind, they didn't interrupt him much. And he was so polite. When we asked how was his meal, he turned in his seat, sat back and said, `Everything has been delightful.' That's class."

Meanwhile, on Friday, the respected character actor Dafoe was spotted on Hendersonville Road near Biltmore Village, filming a scene involving a bus. And a few days ago, the crew shot a scene in the Asheville Civic Center parking structure, said publicist Joan Eisenberg. As I've said before, it's a closed set, so the rare occasions we get a glimpse of RR is special indeed. We've grown pretty used to seeing the gorgeous Andie MacDowell around town, after she got married here and moved her family down here from Montana a few years ago.



The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror VIII


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