Thursday, October 10, 2002

Senator Byrd Has Much Heart & Soul

Demacratic Senator Robert Byrd, from West Virginia, probably has more love and compassion for his country than most of his peers. And I enjoy watching him hold forth on CSPAN most every day. He carries, most notably, in his breast pocket, a respectively worn copy of his beloved constitution. And whips it out to prove many a point when speaking about our country going to war with Iraq.

He acknowledges that the minds are already made up and it's just a matter of course before Bush gets Senate approval for his Iraq resolution. But it's not because Senator Byrd hasn't tried to change the minds of his fellow senators. When I first began watching Senator Byrd, his trembling fingers pulling out the constitution every 15 minutes, to make his point, I thought him almost comical. He reminded me of a doddering old great uncle that you barely tolerate. And my satirical mind was reminded of a drinking game I could play while watching the senators in session. We'd all take a drink each time Senator Byrd retrieved his copy of the constitution. A person could get pretty wiped out by the time he finished speaking.

But after really 'listening' to him speak so passionately about the US and the respect he has for it's very core and foundation of laws, I couldn't disrespect him by playing a drinking game. He was one of the first to speak out against resident Bush. He was responsible for instigating the legislative rally to call/email/fax your Senators and Representatives this past weekend. He's a very intelligent and articulate man who marches to the beat of his own drum. The junior senators could learn a lot from Senator Byrd. Both republican and democrat. Here's the link to Senator Byrd's official home page. You'll find there documents that he's highlighted showing the US had provided Iraq with the building blocks for it's biological weapons program.



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