Wednesday, October 2, 2002

Power To The People

The only reason -- the only reason -- that Congressional Democrats this past week started speaking out, in more than their previously token numbers, against an invasion is because they have been deluged with phone calls, faxes, and e-mails expressing the public's opposition. Polls show widespread doubt; Congressional office intake valves, a measure of the people passionate enough to contact their public officials, has been running more than 90% against invasion. Allowing more time for anti-war opposition to build, and, of course, more time during election season for Dubya to insert his size 238 cowboy boots into his mouth on a daily basis.

BlogBurst on Monday, October 7th

There is a groundswelling of bloggers led by Barry at that are addressing their congress people on October 7, Monday. This will be done by writing a letter to said person and also posting it on your blog site. This is also the anniversary of our first attack on Afghanistan. If you don't want to write, call or fax them. And if Monday doesn't work for you, Sunday is fine. As the post above shows, recent speaking out against going to war has definitely been heard.



The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror VIII


It wasn't long after 9/11, September 11, 2001, that I began this website. I felt compelled to connect with other people around the globe. I had recently heard about "weblogs" or "blogs" and I dove right into I searched for others to connect with online and I found Ageless. It led to meeting many great friends to discuss events of the day. From then on it snowballed. Most importantly we offered one another support and friendship across the globe; finding that we were just a few keystrokes away.


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