Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Robert Redford To Make Film In Asheville

Another major motion picture is headed to Asheville, this time a thriller starring screen legend Robert Redford as a wealthy kidnapped businessman who has to be ransomed by his wife. [via: citizen-times; one very fine newspaper]
Remember in the 1970's or so when Robert Redford and Paul Newman were at the height of their popularity? The girls thought they were very hot, and the guys thought they were so cool. I remember my husband watching the movie, "Jeremiah Johnson", with Redford, a million times. We even considered naming our son Jeremiah, but didn't.

Majette And Linder Win Big

Which means Republican Bob Barr and Democrat Cynthia Mckinney, two incumbents, were ousted from Congress on Tuesday as Georgia primary voters turned their backs on the fiery maverick who led President Clinton impeachment and the outspoken liberal who stunned nearly everyone with sharp criticism of the government's war on terror. [via: yahoo]
Georgia got a political cleansing last night when the voters let their cast ballots speak loud and clear for them.

Mom Charged With Letting Kids Get Sunburned

A woman was arrested on felony charges for allegedly letting her three children get so severely sunburned that they looked like they "were dipped in red paint." [via: cnn]
Wandering around the fair grounds with 10 month old twins and a two year old tells me she wasn't there for the kids anyway. Couldn't she tell that they were uncomfortable? I believe we need to make parenting classes mandatory in schools.

Negotiations Are Under Way for Clinton Talk Show on CBS

Some associates of Bill Clinton and executives from CBS are involved in negotiations to make the former president the host of a daily afternoon talk show. [via: new york times]
Clinton denied he was interested the first time we heard this. I can see him doing specials once a week or month, but can you see him appearing in the prime time lineup, like 'must see BC' He is a very charismatic and intelligent man and would probably do well in television.



The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror VIII


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