Monday, July 29, 2002

Moder Mouth Strikes Again
By Amy Reiter,

July 26, 2002

Sick of hearing the name Julia Roberts over and over and over again? Good news! Now you can forget about Ms. Roberts and focus all your attention on Mrs. Moder.

Julia's changing her name.

"I am [Mrs. Moder]," the newly married actress told Diane Sawyer in that "Good Morning America" interview earlier this week. "And all my friends call me Mrs. Moder. And I love that."

Her new identity came to her in a flash, while playing softball with some buddies.

"I got up to bat and my friend, Mike Oscher, who's a catcher behind me, went, 'All right, Moder, come on,'" she recalled, "and I thought, wow, and that's when it really, like, hit me. I'm Moder, you know. And it's with a d-e-r. Yeah. No, I am Mrs. Moder."

This week, anyway.

OK, Julia Moder, housewife. Whatever gets you through the night.



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