Thursday, June 20, 2002

Bill Cosby Has Harsh Words For Ozzy

Bill Cosby, whose hit NBC sitcom idealized family
life throughout the 1980s, has some harsh words about Amercia's favorite openly
dysfunctional family, The Osbournes.

"First of all, all of you [media] need to stop with this Ozzy Osbourne. This is
a sad, sad family; it is a sad case. The children are sad and the parents are
sad," Cosby tells entertainment show "Access Hollywood" on Thursday, June 20.
"This is not entertainment."

While many think audiences respond to the MTV series based on the misadventures
of Ozzy and crew because it shows that even the rich and famous suffer the same
complicated family dynamics as the hoi polloi, Cosby says that enjoying it is
akin to "laughing at Tiny Tim."

Lay off Ozzy, Bill. Sadly, what modicum of respect you've managed to hold onto in my little world, is fading fast!



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