"UN Biodiversity Report: The world set a 2020 deadline to save nature but not a single target was met"

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

 "If we continue our trajectory in the accelerating climate crisis, biodiversity will continue to deteriorate, driven by "currently unsustainable patterns of production and consumption, population growth and technological developments," the report said."


"the rate of biodiversity loss is unprecedented in human history and pressures are intensifying," said Elizabeth Maruma Mrema, executive secretary of the UN's Convention on Biological Diversity, in a press release.
"Earth's living systems as a whole are being compromised. And the more humanity exploits nature in unsustainable ways and undermines its contributions to people, the more we undermine our own wellbeing, security and prosperity."


"Pollution is still rampant, with plastic in our oceans and pesticides in ecosystems. Our coral reefs are dying. Our demand on natural resources is increasing. "


"We have also plunged headfirst into the sixth mass extinction; wildlife populations dropped by more than two thirds since 1970, and have continued to decline in the past decade, the report said. "


 (Not exactly a surprise...)


Sudeaux Lux Thu Oct 29, 08:53:00 PM EDT  

Looks grim. And the world will be grimmer if the US election 🗳 doesn’t work out.

Lima Fri Oct 30, 01:15:00 PM EDT  

Hey Susan, Its great to hear from you!

I don't think as much is riding on the US election as Americans tend to think and as much as the permanent election cycle likes to hype/promote.

The State's political program has remained essentially the same for decades regardless of which marionette is in power.

Indeed the environmental situation is grim on the global level.


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