Your S.P.O.T.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This is a repeat of a 2004 post since this has come up twice in the past few days.

Your S.P.O.T.

Some Buddhists and others have what's known as a SPOT: "Special Place Of Tranquility" and it translates well to anybody no mater what your spiritual level. (S.P.O.T.)

Basic SPOT items are:

prayer or meditation beads, amulets, candles, incense and holder, bells, crystals, and flowers. Incense takes the center of the alter, shelf, or table, with a candle and a bell on the right and flowers on the left. Your SPOT should have a universal flavor that can also be individually customized.

You can chant, pray, meditate, or do a reading while lighting the candle, ringing the bell, or using the prayer beads in any order or rhythm that fits you. A minimal SPOT visit could just be ringing the bell and doing gassho (bowing with palms together), and you could have a more involved SPOT visit when something other than routine rolls around or mood dictates it. It can be as basic or grandiose as you wish.

[gassho (gah-'show) is a zen affirmation of life from an intention of humility, gratitude, and mindfulness together with a quick bow with palms together]


Something I enjoy doing at home for spiritual nourishment and to keep me grounded and thought you may want to incorporate it into your daily life, too.



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