Tepees Criscross The Atlantic

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

...screamed the headline @ the New York Times.

Actually, Tepees first began in the US with the American Indians. Long before the consumer-crazed yuppies started decorating their events with them. The hipsters are re-branding and claiming it while upgrading it into a fashion accoutrement. Thanks to Ralph Lauren's daughter and Kate Moss; according to the article.

I had a friend who built one in the 70s because he was talented like that and he was a true man of the woods. I also like them for outdoor festivals and for camping. It goes along with cooking over a campfire outdoors and is definitely acceptable if you're also using the bathroom (thank me now for cleaning this part up) in the woods-- compost style.

It crosses the line and makes me batshit crazy when you're buying matching pink Tepees for your daughter's Sweet Sixteen or find yourself describing one as fabulous. I would say at least have the decency to mention the American Indians instead of the latest fashion gurus when you tweet about it but I'm sure that's asking for far too much.



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