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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Help! Time has come today!
Atlanta's pop festivals are finally getting revealed to the world. Alex Cooley deserves recognition for sticking his neck out to introduce such music to the South and open the area to concerts. Thank Alex when you see your favorite band play here. Before 1969's festival most rock bands did not come South as they were unaware of a market.

If final negotiations are completed, you may finally get to see the Woodstock quality film made at the Byron Festival in 1970 when Alex introduced The Allman Brothers to the world. Great music. If you were there, you may spot friends or yourself in the crowd scenes. (We joked about some kid recognizing the 42 year old image of a skinny-dipping tripping young lady, "Grandma!?").

Now we can all help to show our appreciation for all the good times. Please post the following anywhere you can think to spread the word. Send it to all you can think would be interested. Print it and stick up somewhere cool. There are lots of people seen in the film with cameras and home movie cameras. Where are there images? if you know small publications or radio stations that would post such a notice, please let us know.

Be sure to check the still rudimentary web site. I promise you will not be sorry when you see what is coming together. Here is the official announcement:

Hear ye! Hear ye!
In an effort to search for archival film and still photos for our production "Alex Cooley Presents - Time Has Come Today" we ask that you go through attics, basements, back-alleys, storage sheds, etc to see if you may have any 16, 8, Super 8 mm film footage or still photographs from any of the festivals Alex promoted from "69-72' ESPECIALLY the '69 Hampton and '70 Byron festivals. Ideally film or stills of the bands are preferred. You may see our production on

contact number and e-mail is:
David Lee - (Executive Producer)
706-909-0089 land line or

Thanx to all,

Dave Lee



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