Rooting For Mickey Rourke

Monday, January 19, 2009

Mickey Rourke
Actor Mickey Rourke just won a Golden Globe for his work on the film The Wrestler and will probably win an Oscar as well. Everyone seems to be rooting for the resurrection of Mickey. Perhaps no one harder than I and others that can relate to his story of destruction and resurrection. The movie is remarkable.

Christopher Walken, who has known Rourke since their days at the Actors Studio in the mid-'70s, recently caught up with him in New York. (photo from interview)
Whether it was hubris or humility that drove Rourke to walk away from acting 17 years ago and resume the boxing career he began as a teenage welterweight out of Miami, only to return a decade and several concussions later with his hat in hand and little goodwill on his side, the fact remains that the film industry, despite its lack of anything resembling conventional wisdom, can sometimes show flashes of unwitting intelligence and allow a second act. Because actors like Mickey Rourke don't come along once in a generation, let alone twice.

So here's round two, or is it 10, with the championship contender humbled, through the ringer, looking for one more chance, asking for another shot. And because it's cheaper to buy low than to buy high. And because sequels are good business. And because everybody loves a good redemption story. (via)

Sometimes when a man's alone, all you got are your dogs and they meant the world to me.
--Mickey Rourke, during his acceptance speech for Best Actor at the Golden Globes.
If I didn't already love Mickey Rourke before, I have tons of love for him now. Fellas, this is how you successfully balance your manly side with your feminine side. And he's a PETA supporter.

(Watch The Wrestler online)



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