Monday, January 5, 2009

From the preview of Maru's new book titled The Codpiece Chronicles, a book of Maru's Names for Commander Codpiece von Chickenshit, otherwise known as:

Asshole from El Paso
Awol von Bunnypants
aWol von Lazyass
Awol von Retard
Awol von Stupid
Awol McAsshat
Awol McBubbleboy
Awol McFakecowboy
Awol McPenisenvy
Awol Wonderboob
Awol Wonderchimp
Blithering Idiot
Boob of Kennebunkport
Bombastic Clueless Idjit
Buckeroo Bonehead
Cap’n Cowpie
Chimperor Flaciddius Maximus
Chimperor Fucktardius Maxiimus
Chimpy McCokespoon
Chimperor McIdiot
Chimpy McFlightsuit,
Chimpy McHolehead
Chimpy McWarhardon
Chimpy the Pinhead
Chimpy the Red-nosed Boozer
Chimpy the Red-eyed Boozer
Clueless Cokehead
Clueless Clodhopper
Clueless Cornpone
Clueless Cowpat
Compassionate Cowstalker
Commander Codpiece O'Blivious
Commander Codpiece and cyborg counterpart, Darth Cheney.
Commander Codpiece von Chickenshit the Stupid.
Condi's Lazy Crackhead
Connecticut Cowpat
Corporate Cowpie
Court-Appointed Asswipe
Court-Appointed Ignoramus
Crawford Cokehead
Cowardly Cretin of Crawford
Coward of Crawford
Crackwacky Wonderboob,
Crawford Cowabuser
Crawford Cowstalker
Cretin of Crawford
Crook of Crawford
Crusader Bunnypants
Daddy’s Widdle Doofus
Daddy's Widdle Fuckup
Dipstick McDoNothing
Dribbles McMonkeybrains
Drinkie McAwol.
Drinky McDeathrow
Drinky McDumbass
Drinky McHappycrack
Drooling Sockpuppet
Drooly McDisasterMonkey
Drunken Cokeheaded Deserter
Dumbass McDimbulb
Dubbya the Mangler
El Dorque
Emperor Snippypants
Fearmongering fuckwit Chimpy McLiar
Fratboy Figurehead
Fratboy F*cktard
Fuckwit von Chimpleton
Generalissimo Georgie
George of the Bungle
Global Village Idiot
Golfing Goober
G.W. Cokevacuum
Hopalong Crackhead
Hopalong Headcase
Hopalong Hypocrite
Hopalong Noodlehead
Ignorant Impotentate
Il Presidorque
Impotent Ignoramus
Incredible AWOL Wonderboob
Karl's Little Krackhead
King Chimpenstein the Flatulent
Laura's Lazy Loser
Little Lord Bunnypants
Menace of Midland
Midland Mouthbreather
MIMS (Monkey In a Man Suit)
Moron of Midland
Moron of Midland Mumbles
Moron McMonkeybrains
Napoleon Bonehead
Nooculer Nincompoop
Noocyooler Nincompoop
Oaf of Office
Pixalated Fucktard
Poppy's Widdle Poophead
Prepboy Pretzalchoker
Pretzeldunce Poutyface
Pretzeldunce Von Chimpenfurerher
Pretzelnut Petulance
pReznit Bonehead
Preznit Crash-test Dummy
Preznit Clueless
Preznit DoNothing McDumbass
Preznit Dumbass McAssclown
Preznit Dumbass McRetard
Preznit Lawn Ornament
Preznit Lying Disastermonkey
President Cowpie
pResident Dumbass
pResident Evil
President Fuckwit McStupidstine
Presidunce Awol McFlightsuit
pReznit Gameboy
Preznit Liar McLieyington
President Junior
Pretzeldunce Poutyface
Pretzeldunce Von Chimpenfurerher
pRezdint Stoopid
Preznit Blunder
Preznit Brainless McLoony
Preznit Disastermonkey
preznit Freedomandemocritude CommanderGuy
Preznit Lawn Ornament
Preznit Pantload
Preznit Poopypants
Preznit Primate
Preznit Pretzal
Raving Nincompoop
Resident Weasel
Retard McJebus
Retard McJerkhole
Reznit Clueless
Simian Sockpuppet
Simpering Nincompoop
Simpering Sockpuppe
Smirking Cokemonkey
Smirking Dingbat
Smirking Disaster Monkey.
Smirking Ninny
Smirking Smackhead
Smirking Simpleton
Smirking Sockmonkey
Smirking Squatter
Smirky McGolfcart
Smirky McOilfield
Smirky McPipeline
Smirky the Slacker
Snarly McCrashcart
Spanky McWarMonkey
Spoiled little fucknozzle
Squinting Squatter
Squinty the Boilfaced Bonghead
Squinty the Boilfaced Doper
Squinty McSquirtypants
Squinty Mumbles of Cokespoon
Squinty the Chickenhearted
Squinty the Pinhead:
Stupie McLiar
Stupie McMoron
Stupie McRetard
Stupie McNumbhead
Stupie McRetard
Texass Tax-evader
Texas Turd
Tipsy McStaggers
Toxic Tinhorn
Unelected Fraud
Unelected Idiot
Unelected Ignoramus
Warmongering Wonderchimp
Warring Wonderbunny
Warring Wonderchimp
Yale Yahoo
Yellow Puddle of Texas
Yellow Pustule of Texas
yore pretzelnut

...only a partial list.




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