WEHT Glen Schwartz from the James Gang?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

David Byrne has this clip on his website of Glenn Schwartz playing at Hooples in Cleveland, Ohio.

From the website:

"Glenn started the James Gang in the 60s, then moved to California and was in the Pacific Gas & Electric Co. He flipped out soon afterward and was in religious communities. He's had a rough life and is tortured and crazy. Now Glenn is 67 years old and plays in a blues trio for free late every Thursday at a small bar called Major Hooples. There are typically 20-30 people there and he is jaw-droppingly amazing to see. His playing is like electric bolts straight from his psyche. He jumps off his amp and plays guitar with his teeth. And he often preaches fire and brimstone between songs. It's something very special and you won't see anything like it except on Thursdays in Cleveland.”


[Link to video]

Anybody remember the "Jesus Freak" era that sprang out of the Sixties? One trip too many sent some people to Jesus and some people swung from yin (drugs) to yang (Jesus) just trying to find out who they were and some just flat out went to Jesus and kept on tripping. Whatever gets you through the night, I always say.


Lima Sun Nov 09, 11:42:00 PM EST  

There is a big guy with a tattered white shirt that walks down the street in my local downtown thinking his name is god. When people say hi god, he says bless you children bless you.

It's long been thought that he just took one too many tabs 40 years ago.

Then theres another guy who walks around as jesus, if the two ever meet one says "You're not jesus! and the other one says, You're not god!" and then they walk away.


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