VOODOO: Hoochie Coochie and the Creative Spirit

Saturday, November 1, 2008

VOODOO: Hoochie Coochie and the Creative Spirit

"When I wak'd, I cried to dream again" - 'The Tempest', by Wililiam Shakespeare, Caliban's speech. First performance before the court of King James, Whitehall Palace, the feast of Hallowmas, November 1, 1611

The work of artists, writers, musicians and dancers who acknowledge the need to reach a heightened or 'altered' state of mind in order to create their work is the subject of 'Voodoo - Hoochie-Coochie and the Creative Spirit', at Riflemaker from 28 October.

From Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Haitian high priests to the Catholic icons of Andres Serrano, from the alcohol-induced stupors of Francis Bacon and F Scott Fitzgerald to the self-obliteration of Yayoi Kusama, from the exploration of power and sexuality in Richard Niman’s sculpture of Hitler as an infant girl, to Igor Stravinsky's dance rituals, the attempts of the artist to enhance the creative process by removing themselves from reality through meditation or mind-altering substances is examined as a fundamental element in the act of creation.

Exhibition visitors enter the gallery through William Burrough's 'Wishing-Box', which was originally located at the front door of the infamous author’s Kansas home. While Bill Evans’ seminal jazz track ‘Witchcraft’ plays, guests are instructed to deposit a written wish in a slot before moving through a curtain into the exhibition. [More »]



Sister Mon Nov 03, 03:53:00 AM EST  

Oh my! Susan, don't tell me we're gonna have to settle for the book.....?

Sister Wolf Mon Nov 03, 04:01:00 AM EST  

I just left a comment, but I was logged in as "sister" instead of me. Sorry to be confusing.

How did you become the hippest person in the world, anyway??


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