The Moment

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Moment
Senator McCain. Was this the moment? The epiphany? The realization that stoking the flames of bigotry and fear had come home to roost?

As I watched your town hall gathering, I wondered what was going through your mind when you came face to face with the incendiary results of your campaign tactics. What did you see and feel when that elderly woman said Obama was an Arab? Or the man who said he feared an Obama presidency? And all the others?

I saw your face. I watched your body language as you took the microphone and quickly distanced yourself from that one.

At that moment, did you see your reflection in the mirror of her eyes? A reflection, not of a maverick, but a pariah? Did you see the decades of American scar tissue? Birmingham? Burning crosses? The noose? Did you see that awful year in American history when Dr. King and Bobby Kennedy were assassinated, cut down in the prime of their dreams for a better America?

Did you hear the echo of Dr. King's words about being "judged not by the color of their skin, but the content of their character," and suddenly realize that it was not your opponent's character in question - but yours?

... No doubt, the media will genuflect before your image and be pushed by your campaign spinners to reanoint you as a maverick and honorable man in rising to the defense of your opponent. But your ads still sully the airwaves. Your surrogates still spew their venom. After all, this is just politics. People need to understand that. Nothing personal - it is just politics.

But here was this moment. And you know it, regardless of whether or not you were reading from cue cards or just looking down to avoid having to face the ugliness before you - you know.

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How did that make you feel, my friends? Extraordinary piece. The comment section is enlightening as well.

Author John Cory, is a Vietnam veteran. He received the Purple Heart and Bronze Star with V device, 1969 - 1970.


splendid gibberish Tue Oct 14, 02:53:00 PM EDT  

thanks so much for sharing this, your blog continues to enlighten and entertain me everyday!

Sister Wolf Wed Oct 15, 02:02:00 AM EDT  

ditto! that essay is great, isn't it?!

sports betting Wed Oct 15, 08:46:00 AM EDT  

This is really great fun

Susan Wed Oct 15, 08:26:00 PM EDT  

So good when like minds can come together to share and support.

splendish gibberish: Thanks for visiting with me. I really appreciate you. :D

Sister Friend: And you encourage me-- that's a good thing.


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