Open Letter to Caroline Kennedy

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Caroline: Pull a Cheney!"

An Open Letter to Caroline Kennedy (head of the Obama VP search team) from Michael Moore

What Obama needs is a vice presidential candidate who is NOT a professional politician, but someone who is well-known and beloved by people across the political spectrum; someone who, like Obama, spoke out against the war; someone who has a good and generous heart, who will be cheered by the rest of the world; someone whom we've known and loved and admired all our lives and who has dedicated her life to public service and to the greater good for all.

That person, Caroline, is you.

WHAT??? Well, maybe.... [READ MORE]


Sister Wolf Tue Aug 19, 09:38:00 PM EDT  

Wow. That Michael Moore!

Sujaco Tue Aug 19, 11:32:00 PM EDT  

I was shocked to see that suggestion, although it did come from Michael Moore. America still wants a Kennedy, don't you think?


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