July 12th Global Protest: Spy vs Sci

Friday, July 4, 2008

July 12th Global Protest: Spy vs Sci

On Saturday, July 12th, you will work with field agents world-wide in a coordinated global raid on this "Church of Scientology." These raids (which will be cleverly disguised as protests) will be used to expose the illegal actions of the Office of Special Affairs, and it's implicit connections to Scientology. These raids will begin at around 1100 hours local time. Remember to maintain your anonymity, wear AIS-issue masks or something similar to hide your secret identities. Bring plenty of water to hydrate yourself and your fellow agents. And remember, the AIS is granting you all a special License to Lulz, use it at your discretion. link
Due to fear of reprisals, Anonymous members are reluctant to give their names. One organizer, who goes by the nom de guerre of "93," tells us the church has sent warning letters to "our more public members" calling them "'terrorists.' They’re attempting to stamp out our constitutional right to free speech." link

License To Lulz graphic

People are really bent out of shape over Scientology and have organized global protests for July 12. Am I just apathetic or is the fear of Scientology really warranted?

**Radar Online has a good piece on all the players.**



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