Setting the Scene

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Setting the Scene in Dullsville

Mother is watching Stephen Colbert, although she'd rather be watching the Atlanta Braves. (it's an off night for Braves)

A light bulb goes off as my husband tells me how he's going to fix something on my car if I'll just bring it by and I remind him that he's looked at it twice already.

I'm listening to a Bardo Pond tune while on my 2nd cup of EVENING coffee because it's too damn early to go to bed at 9pm since I'd probably only sleep til 3am or 4am.

Texting my daughter who's on a dinner date at Asiana with her boyfriend and the baby who is lovingly sucking the romance out of the event.

My son just told me about an idea he has involving grasshoppers and weed.

L'sigh... It's been a large day.


arratik Thu Jun 19, 10:41:00 PM EDT  

Sounds like my life... except for the Atlanta Braves, car repair, Asiana and grasshoppers. :)


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