The Injustice of Schapelle Corby

Monday, June 30, 2008

The Injustice of Schapelle Corby

Bali, Indonesia. Schapelle Corby, a 27-year-old Australian woman, languishes in Kerobokan Prison for a crime she insists she didn't commit. Shapelle had flown to Bali in October 2004 to join her sister Mercedes (married to a Bali man) for a two week vacation at the beach.

Among her luggage was an unlocked boogie-board bag. When she arrived in Bali and was asked by customs officials to open the tote, she discovered a ten-pound bag of cannabis flattened next to the board. Though she says she knew nothing about the marijuana, Shapelle was immediately arrested, never imagining the firestorm that would ensue.

* HBO is now showing a documentary on the back story.

Help Bring Schapelle Home
Family's Website
Schapelle's Website

Do you think she's guilty or innocent? I'll tell you what I think in the comments.


Sujaco Mon Jun 30, 10:51:00 PM EDT  

From what I've seen so far, which isn't a great deal, I think she is innocent. Shocker, right? And if she is guilty, that's one stiff penalty to do in a Third World prison.

mztakenidentity Tue Jul 01, 02:02:00 AM EDT  

I just watched the HBO documentary completely unaware of the circumstances of this case, in fact, I had never heard of Corby before this documentary. That said, it is entirely possible that she is innocent. Why would someone who knew they had literally pounds of weed in their bag willingly open it for customs inspectors?

Sujaco Tue Jul 01, 03:03:00 PM EDT  

mztakenidentity: Exactly. There were a few things that pointed to her innocence.

I thought our paparazzi were bad. They were relentless. I wonder what the consensus is in Australia. Julie? Other Aussies?

Jeff Anderson Wed Jul 02, 04:33:00 AM EDT  

If she were guilty of transport that rediculous amount of cannibus (while on a trip TO CELEBRATE HER SISTERS BIRTHDAY) and admitting that it was her bag, 20 years is way too long a sentence and no one should have the death penalty for it or for any other drug transportation. On a side note cannibus has no record of causing death. It seems pretty ludicrous even arrest someone for transporting a harmless plant.

rossa5 Thu Jul 03, 08:44:00 AM EDT  

Sorry Mate, If the Ganga fits you must convict. I believe that she brought it as a present for her sister's birthday and so her brother-in-law could sell. Clearly the family could use the money. I don't believe any of their stories. It's completely improbably that a baggage handler would use a blind mule to carry THAT amount. How many checked bags even have room enough to carry that? Have you seen the latest? On July 3, 2008 she had a breakdown at a beauty salon having her hair done and a PEDICURE!!! So much for the harsh Indonisian penal system!

Sujaco Thu Jul 03, 10:34:00 AM EDT  

Jeff, rossa5, thanks so much for your input. Great discussion happening here!

Sujaco Thu Jul 03, 10:36:00 AM EDT  

rossa5: I've GOT to go find that photo now.


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