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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm certain you've noticed the big green explosion, or the greening of corporate America.

When you hear about the big oil companies and other titans of big industry "going green", are you a little skeptical?

I'm especially worried when I see a group using words like, corporation, investments, and financial along with their green company name in an effort to describe what their business will now do to help our planet. Maybe like, Living Green's Capital Management Firm, Mother Earth Tax Shelters, Communal Living by DuPont.

We screamed and marched about pollution and protecting the environment decades ago but it wasn't until you could get a major profit from it that much of corporate America jumped on board and consumers emptied their wallets and embraced the new green way of living. Same shit; different color.

Many of these green businesses are legitimate and they're to be applauded but come on, consumers. You're much smarter than to fall for some of the green scams that are out there, no matter how popular and hip they tell you they are.


Sister Wolf Fri Jun 27, 01:51:00 AM EDT  

Whenever a TV ad starts telling me how they're working hard to create a clean and better future bla bla bla, I brace my self for the compnay name: Dow, Exxon, etc.

I agree. It's all bullshit.

lima Fri Jun 27, 12:37:00 PM EDT  
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lima Fri Jun 27, 12:41:00 PM EDT  
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lima Fri Jun 27, 12:42:00 PM EDT  

I just noticed this today. Do a stock lookup over 10 years on exxon. It went from the 20s before the iraq war to 80s afterwards even worse is chevron 31 dollars before the iraq war to 100 bucks present.

Goldfinger for real.

Sujaco Fri Jun 27, 04:21:00 PM EDT  

Beloved Sister: I knew you weren't deceived by the bullshit but it IS getting almost laughable now.

Lima: Great investigative work. We've gotta keep calling them on all this, too. Can't wait to read about that.

I knew I might be preaching to the choir here to most of my visitors. ha!

Sujaco Sat Jun 28, 04:04:00 AM EDT  

just read about a green living home being built-- right after they blazed through the beautiful mountainside.


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