Ooze Out with Peter Poffenberger

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ooze Out

with Peter Poffenberger

Join host Peter Poffenberger each week as he injects the analog ooze into our digital culture, playing the very best of Rock/Experimental from around the world. In addition to a play list of heavy levels come and enjoy special guests, long distance interviews and field trips with the ooze out correspondents Byron Browne and Carley Dergins and with Erik Bluhm.

Luv from Big Sur, May 20 2008--last week's show, is archived here for one week. Ooze Out archives

Tuesday May 20th, was WPVM's Ooze Out's tribute to Cluster's first stand/fast land/stash band/mast hand in Big Sur. The last time Cluster came here to play was way back when Kraftwerk first came back and Jean-Jacques Perrey gave a presentation at Art Center. That was a good week. This time Arthur is sponsoring them for a few West Coast shows... [via]

Ooze Out is online at Asheville's Progressive Voice of the Mountains, WPVM.org.

CALL THEM UP AT 828 258 0085

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Tuesdays 10pm to 1am (Eastern time)
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Asheville NC



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