The Fall

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pretense, thy name is THE FALL

Rich and Useless
The Fall and the flights of Tarsem
By Dennis Harvey, San Francisco Bay Guardian

Some kinds of artistic ostentation possess a breadth of scale and insularity of purpose that have everything to do with privilege. Matthew Barney is responsible for some enormously pretentious cinematic objects, but even he hasn't dreamt as self-indulgently big as the mono-monikered Tarsem (birth name: Tarsem Singh) does with The Fall. Shot in 20 countries — from Chile to Fiji to Namibia to Romania to all over his native India, plus plain old Hollywood — it's perhaps the ultimate "Why? Because I can" movie, sumptuous and useless to equal degrees. [more...]

Opens Fri/30 at Bay Area theaters

* Favorable Review and many photos on Collider

* Tuscon review - "...which will easily be considered the prettiest movie of 2008."

* Another link that calls the film "pretentious". But is that really such a bad thing for a filmmaker?


Sister Wolf Sat Jun 07, 05:27:00 PM EDT  

Wow! Anything that's more pretentious than Matthew Barney is worth noting. I'm impressed...sort of.


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