Monday, December 31, 2007

Best of 2007 Weed Reviews

Late in 2007 LAist began weed reviews, a sporadic column featuring a different variety of marijuana while presenting it as though it were a wine review, and of those different kinds of pot 3 stood out as superior to the rest.

#1 Weed of Los Angeles: Sour Diesel.
This pot is a consistent crowd pleaser. We liked it so much we reviewed it twice. Its that kind of stuff that you would smoke even if pot didn't get you high, just for the taste. It's a great strain and comes highly recommended.

#2 Weed of Los Angeles: OG Kush
OG Kush is the best of all the kush sub-strains. Forget bubba, master, hindu and all the others... OG wins. And its because its the most consistent, most pungent and knocks you off your ass the hardest. OG Kush truly is the original gangster of kushes.

#3 Weed of Los Angeles: Trainwreck
Our #3 is the most appropriately named of the bunch. You feel it all right in your face, as though you had your block knocked off by a freight train. Makes sense, eh? It is also uniquely pungent, and like OG and Sour-D can be found at your local weed outlet or stoner friend's living room.

Honorable Mentions in no particular order go to: Odyssey, Super Silver Haze, Pot of Gold, Afgooey, and Skunk #1.



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