Friday, September 21, 2007

No Extradition for the BC3!

Marc Emery, Michelle Rainey, and Greg Williams are Canadian citizens who were heavily involved in anti-prohibition activism for over ten years.

The United States Justice Department and DEA want Canada's government to extradite these three political activists to face 10 years up to life in US prison! The extradition hearing has been scheduled to begin on November 5th, 2007. Canadians and Americans MUST do their part! Even a phone call makes a difference!

Click the image below for five things you can do to help the BC3 fight extradition!

If you support drug-reform, harm reduction, or basic human liberty and freedom of choice, please take a few minutes and do whatever you can.

link | Watch the 60 Minutes CBS broadcast about "Marc Emery, Prince of Pot" at


Julie Fri Sep 21, 11:25:00 PM EDT  

Christ, haven't they got better things to do? Real criminals to chase?
Moderation huh? Been getting a few loonies in?


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